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   Wednesday, November 22nd   
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Tripler AMC, HI Tripler AMC, HI Housing
            HOUSING          RELOCATION

Tripler AMC is near Honolulu, Hawaii, a very built up urban area, but near a wide variety of areas on Oahu. Off post housing is easy to find nearby. You have the option to use your BAH in two ways; by renting on post or renting/purchasing a home of your own off post.

Click Here for current BAH rates at Tripler AMC, HI

Off Post Housing

The city of Honolulu is the largest in all of Hawaii and is the state capital. Housing can be pricey here, but there are multiple military installations and on post housing can be in short supply. The cost of living is also high, but on the other hand, you're in Hawaii, so it might be hard to complain.

The average price of a home in the Honolulu area is about $574,000. This is marginally higher than Hawaii's state average of $517,000. Condos and other types of homes can be much less expensive to purchase, depending on the location. Rent tends to range from $1400 to $2700 based on number of bedrooms.

Tripler and Fort Shafter are located just north of the city. Other areas with off post housing accommodations nearby include Moanalua, Kalihi-Palama, Aiea, Waimalu, and Pearl City. These towns are situated on Pearl Harbor. Kaneohe is on the eastern side of the island but the island is small and it's only a 20 minute drive.

The island of Oahu, like all of Hawaii, is quite an extraordinary place. This is a state unlike any other in our nation; new residents will have all sorts of unique adventures and tropical memories. See the local information links in the left-hand side toolbar for more details on events and things to do.

Click here to see Single Family Rentals or Click here to see Apartments for Rent.

Click here to view Homes for Sale by Owner.

Click here for Real Estate Agents.

On Post Housing

Tripler Army Medical Center is part of the Fort Shafter / Schofield Barracks housing system. On post housing is privatized and shared with Schofield Barracks, under management of Island Palm Communities. Applicants may be placed on a waiting list until appropriate space becomes available. There are about 1,100 officer grade units and 6,800 NCO grade units available for the base population of 55,000+ military and family. Housing units include 2, 3, and 4 bedroom structures, including apartments, townhomes, detached housing, and other styles. Kitchens are equipped; central air is generally not available. Call the Fort Shafter housing office to learn more about types of homes and availability at (888)458-8933. has more information on the area around Honolulu, on base and off base resources, local housing rental rates, climate, attractions, and more. For local information pages, review the links on left of this page. On the right side of the page you will find links to local services and businesses.

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